Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Smooth operators

I don't blog no more and I dont read the blogs I used to read religiously anymore but it's good to see that two old favourites Town Mouse and Stonehead are still at it, almost daily, and still finding new ways of not always saying things they've said already.

But I'm inspired to blog by Stoney and his Smoothies.  A wild variety of recipes here: http://stoneheadcroft.com/2012/06/24/stonehead-smoothies/

Summer is our smoothie season too.  Jussi makes the key ingredients - stewed rhubarb, goats yoghurt - and I add anything else I can find but nearly always a banana, at least one apple and orange juice, and abandoned jam if there is any.  But hey!  It's summer so chuck in peaches, nectarines and any other fruit you can find on offer and whizz in a blender for a not entirely smooth but utterly delicious drink that makes you feel healthy just by looking at it.


And The Girl has taken to contributing by making Cinnamon Swirls which, when taken with a smoothie, makes for a complete meal (and a much needed change from goat burgers). 


townmouse said...

'still finding ways of not always saying things they've said already'

After careful textual analysis I believe that means I don't *continually* repeat myself which is on balance a good thing. So thanks. I think

in other news, we have your rain. Along with our rain, and I think most of America's rain. I'm coming northish and westish in August with my friend. This is the friend who, last time we did a big train tour together, broke the drought that had been devastating America in 1988. It rained where ever we went, so stand by, although I don't think we'll be getting quite as far north as you chaps are so you might escape.

The Speaking Goat said...

Yes it was a positive comment - when I was blogging I started to feel like I was repeating myself - roughly on an annual basis, one of the many reasons I gave up.

North and West by train? Well you'll get nowhere near us so I reckon we're safe. On the other hand - if you do pass by do drop in - I reckon you'd find us easily enough. Coffee and cinnamon swirls with goat burgers if you're lucky...

KitYule said...

Well, we all miss the ramblings, repetitive or otherwise. But, you have to write for yourself, not everyone else and, if you're boring yourself to tears...

Sheilagh is due in three weeks - this is getting quite exciting.

We are now the proud owners of a battered old caravan. This means we might be able to bring the toothsome morsel up to see the top of Scotland, and you guys are part of that landscape. I'll keep you posted.