Saturday, 9 June 2012

100 days

I know that the wind up here is rarely in the east.  I'm in my fifth year of living here and easterlies are quite noticeable when they come.  Which is rarely.  

Except this year.  

Since roughly April 1st we've had either no wind or easterly winds and that means that the wind turbine is struggling - as this graph of performance vs expected performance shows.  Easterly winds make me sick - sometimes, even in quite strong winds, the turbine flounders around, lazily yawing in all directions and not making a milli-watt to write home about.  I hate it.  Bring on the westerlies!

I refuse to worry about it though. ... ... ...


Daniel said...

yes and there are easterlies all the time in Edinburgh which is why it is so unseasonally cold. Brrrr.

KitYule said...

I found this interesting: